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Blue Whatsapp Plus

If there’s one app that must be installed presently on every phone is WhatsApp. It’s conquered the chatting voice, video, and voice calling applications, making it among the top downloaded apps of all time. Naturally, it’s a fact that with a status such as that, it’s not a surprise that numerous APKs, including WhatsApp Plus apk and other third-party apps, attempt to ride the coattails of WhatsApp.

We’ll be discussing WhatsApp Plus Apk, the WhatsApp Plus update to the latest version as well as some helpful tricks and tips, but before this, I’d like to invite you to go to SoftGOZA for more WhatsApp mods that could be of interest to you.

What is Blue Whatsapp?

WhatsApp Plus is a popular APK version of WhatsApp which is near as then the GBWhatsApp version. It’s popular with people who are frustrated with the default version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus allows you to customize the boring and dull WhatsApp and gives you freedom of expression. It’s primarily targeted at people who have downloaded it to prove that they’re doing something that could be famous.

In addition, WhatsApp Plus is an excellent app to manage multiple accounts, allowing you to hide your status online and blue ticks for those with more private desires. It can be used to share with acquaintances the various options for customization, high-quality image download, and additional. In this section, you can make your writing status invisible particularly if you have no idea of how to respond to a message.

Note: WhatsApp Plus APK is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. It is one of the best Mods that users love to use. Not only that, it does not get you banned from the original WhatsApp. Here, on this page, we shared anti-ban WhatsApp Plus download links. This won’t get you banned from WhatsApp messenger.

WhatsApp Plus Developers:

The APK was first designed by Rafalete in 2012. After the release of the version, WhatsApp Plus becomes a well-known modification for WhatsApp. It’s not just the most popular but has also surpassed 1 million downloads. After Rafale, There are two other developers who have developed different versions of WhatsApp Plus APK.

HeyMods is a different name under which has created WhatsApp Plus. The features and App version are identical to the Rafale version. The only difference is that it occupies a little more space inside due to the additional resources available. Additional resources are required in order to run the APK.

In the end, AlexMods is another WhatsApp Plus APK creator. The team AlexMods has created WhatsApp Plus along with 4 other mods. But, they’ve only modified 3 of the 5 APKs. The APK is available in the form of a zip file. The user must download the file, extract it, and then download the APK. Unfortunately, the AlexMods version is not compatible with all devices.

These are download direct links to WhatsApp Plus 2022’s most recent version that is shared below.

Note: WhatsApp Plus can be downloaded on all Android devices. That means users can download WhatsApp Plus for Xiaomi, WhatsApp Plus for Mi, WhatsApp Plus for Samsung, WhatsApp Plus for Vivo, WhatsApp Plus for Oppo, WhatsApp Plus for Realme phone from our page. Any device such as Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Samsung, etc, manufactured by Android will support WhatsApp Plus APK.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download

App Name 

WhatsApp Plus APK

Version Latest Version (v19.20.1)

Size 50.9 MB


Android 5.0 and up

Last updated

1 day ago



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