How to Use Crystal Keys in Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms may be a prevalent versatile MMO technique diversion where players construct cities, raise armed forces, and battle enemies. One of the key assets within the diversion is Gems, which are utilized to speed up building and inquire about times. Players can get Precious stones from overcoming barbarians, completing occasions, and opening Precious stone Keys. But how precisely do you employ Gem Keys in Rise of Kingdoms? Here’s a direct on how to utilize these profitable things.

What are Crystal Keys?

Crystal Keys are special items in Rise of Kingdoms that can be used to unlock Chests containing Crystals. They come in three varieties:

  • Bronze Crystal Key: Unlocks a Bronze Chest containing 5,000-50,000 Crystals
  • Silver Crystal Key: Unlocks a Silver Chest containing 50,000-500,000 Crystals
  • Gold Crystal Key: Unlocks a Gold Chest containing 500,000-5,000,000 Crystals

The rarer the Key, the more lucrative the Crystal rewards. Keys can be obtained from certain events, the Expedition mode, and as part of special bundles.

How to Obtain Crystal Keys

Here are some of the ways to get Crystal Keys in Rise of Kingdoms:

  • Expedition Mode: Send your armies on Expeditions to find treasure sites containing Keys as rewards. Higher level sites offer better Keys.
  • Events: Occasional events like More Than Gems have Keys as milestone rewards for spending gems.
  • Bundles: Special limited-time bundles in the Store contain Keys, usually Gold ones.
  • Daily Deals: Check the Daily Deals for occasional offers selling Keys for Gems.
  • Alliance Gifts: Your alliance members can gift you Keys in the Alliance Gift event.
  • Lohar’s Trial: Defeating Lohar at certain VIP levels has a chance of dropping Keys.

The best way for free-to-play players is through Expeditions and events. Paying players can buy Bundles for instant Keys.

Using Crystal Keys

Once you’ve obtained some Crystal Keys, here’s how to use them:

  1. Go to your Items inventory and tap on the Crystal Keys tab.
  2. Select the Key you want to use. You’ll see the Chest it unlocks.
  3. Tap ‘Open’ to use the Key and unlock the Chest.
  4. Watch the animation as the Chest opens, spilling out your Crystal rewards!
  5. Collect your Crystals, which get automatically added to your total.

The best strategy is to save up Silver and Gold Keys for when you really need the Crystals, and use Bronze Keys whenever you can. Also, wait until the More Than Gems event to open the best Chests, for a chance to get more Crystals.

Tips for Using Crystal Keys Effectively

Here are some tips to use Crystal Keys efficiently in Rise of Kingdoms:

  • Save Gold Keys for when you need a Crystal boost to upgrade your City Hall.
  • Try to use Keys during the More Than Gems event for a chance at doubled Crystal rewards.
  • Focus on Expedition sites that offer Gold and Silver Keys as rewards.
  • Don’t open chests impulsively. Time it for when you have urgent upgrades.
  • Use Bronze Keys as soon as you get them for small Crystal income.
  • Buy Keys from Daily Deals if you need more and can afford them.
  • Gift Keys to alliance mates to maintain good relationships.

What To Avoid

Avoid these mistakes when using your hard-earned Crystal Keys:

  • Opening Chests when your Crystal inventory is full. This wastes the overflow.
  • Using Gold Keys on minor upgrades that Bronze Keys could handle.
  • Saving too many Keys and letting them sit unused in your inventory.
  • Not coordinating with your alliance on gifting and opening Keys.
  • Neglecting Expeditions, which offer a steady supply of free Keys.

FAQs About Crystal Keys

Here are some frequently asked questions about using Crystal Keys in Rise of Kingdoms:

What’s the best use of each Key type?

  • Bronze: Regular Crystal income from frequent opening.
  • Silver: Major building/research upgrades.
  • Gold: Critical unlocks like your City Hall.

Do VIP levels affect Key rewards?

Yes, higher VIP levels give you a chance at better Keys from activities like Lohar’s Trial.

Can I gift Keys to my farm accounts?

Unfortunately, Keys can only be gifted to other governors in your alliance.

Is there a limit to how many Keys I can save up?

No, you can accumulate as many Keys as you obtain. Open them whenever needed.

Can I trade resources for Keys?

Keys can only be obtained through gameplay rewards, bundles, gifting, and deals.


Crystal Keys provide every Rise of Kingdoms player with a chance to gain huge amounts of the precious Crystals resource. Make sure to use your Bronze, Silver, and Gold keys at the right times for maximum impact. Obtaining Keys through Expeditions, events, bundles, and alliance gifts gives you a leg up. Follow these tips, and your unlocks and upgrades will fly by swiftly!

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