High Paying jobs in Canada 2021-2022

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Here is the list of top ranked professions in Canada that are earning like a blooming business and the much higher rate than the other workers in this country. But the most important thing to note about these jobs not all the cities of Canada allow them equal amount of earning. I am going to list these jobs below here. All these professions allow their job holder to live like eagle means in full swing of life with fully happiness during whole career. 

1-The job that should be at the top of highest paying jobs in Canada is Doctor. Among the doctors surgeon and dermatologist earn the most in Canada. The things are in very much favour of doctors in Canada. Because Doctors called for protest in 2019, because they want to decrease their pay to help other jobs holder in different department of the country. They earn a lot of money and become rich in a very short duration. 

2- Businessman .The most people like to invest in many different ways like some in stock market, others in hotel,few of them in constructions,some in tourism and many in different fields. They also earn with both hands. This position is perfect for these jobs means in the list of highest paid jobs in Canada 2021-2022

3-IT jobs. As all we know this is the time of information technology, many new technology like electronic devices and many others things need to be accomplished so,people who choose to join IT department would be much happier than other fields in Canada. it should be at 1st position in high paying jobs in Canada. But it is acceptable at no. 3 in the list og highest paying jobs in Canada 2021-2022.

4- LAW. This has the importance as the world created by Allah. Because in every field of a country people need justice and so,as population increasing in the world its image should be more brightened . It is considered at no. 4 at highest paid jobs in Canada 2021-2022.Law also provide their employees a much handsome income if they keep patience. In Canada it is considered a good way to become rich. 

5- Phd holders. As after Phd in any subject get a title of doctor so, by doing Phd earning and to become a rich man is very easy now. The Phd holders has special allowance in Canada and have a large amount of pay compared to other fields. It is considered at no.5 of highest paying jobs in Canada. 

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